Are you getting ready to give your bath a much needed update and losing sleep over how to choose the right tiles? Stop nibbling those nails! It's not hard to choose the perfect tile for your bath if you just keep some pointers in mind. The following tips for choosing bathroom tile will help ensure that your new look will be exactly as you've dreamed it.

1. Curves Ahead. Bath designs today include amazing curves, barrel ceilings, and other designs achieved with creative use of tile. Curves won't be a problem if you take it slow and stick with small bath tiles like a mosaic tile that will handle curves better than the larger types.

2. Consider how it will feel.

Feet are usually happier standing on something smooth. Too smooth may also be slippery and a little texture provides traction. If smooth and glossy is your style choose a small tile and use a rather wide grout line. Porcelain tile feels cool and textured ceramic floor tiles warmer. If cool turns cold in the winter months simply treat your feet to some warm non-slip rugs when temps plunge.

3. Selecting the right tile for the right places

Read, read, read! Tile companies specify which tiles are for walls, floors, and countertops. They also specify which tiles are suitable for wet applications like bathroom floor tile and shower tile. Tile collections include matching and coordinating bath tiles in all types for every application to make putting together a bath a fast and easy proposition.

4.How to Select Mosaic Tile

If you are using mixed tile match one mosaic tile color/material to your field tile this creates a very cohesive look. If your main choice is matte, choose a glossy mosaic for contrast. Less is more for a very busy mosaic, these work best as an accent.

5. Using Glass Tile

Glass tile is best suited for walls and serves as the perfect accent tile. Not only is it a stunning addition to the bath but glass tile reflects light, much like a mirror, brightening the shower and vanity area—the perfect tile to use if you don't have much natural light. Because it's usually shiny, pair with a matte tile.

6. Mix and Match Tile Choices

For a perfectly designed bath incorporate a mixture of smaller sized field tile with large format tile to add visual diversity. Always balance ''busy'' patterns like mixed mosaics with larger solid color tiles or subway tile. Also restrict your pattern tiles to one surface—either the floor, an accent wall or countertop. Don't try to mix more than three sizes or shapes of bathroom tile.

7. Keep cleaning in mind.

Tile made for floors, walls, and countertops are hard working so companies make easy to clean bath tile as a matter of course. However, if your are buying tile for a child's bathroom, or if you share a bath with the kids, keep in mind that very rough textured stone, like stacked stone, is much harder to keep clean. This would be great for the Master bath. If bathroom messes are a fact of your life stick with smooth tiles that are easy to wash. Slightly textured tile should not be a problem.

8. Choosing the perfect color

For a small bath or one with little natural light consider choosing bath tile colors that are light such as pastels or pale neutrals for a spacious feel. If you have a large bright space make use of the rich deep browns and other dark colors mixed with lighter tiles like cream for interest and variation.

9. Look to the future

If you plan to age in place and you're in your middle years, use very small mosaic tile for the bathroom floor, preferably something with some texture because it is the most slip resistant bath tile. Also use a wide clear-glass shower door with a light colored glossy tile on the shower walls that reflects light to make your shower as bright as possible.

10. Kids love tile too

Kids love color-- lots of bright exciting color! So electric blue, red, yellow, orange, and bright green are great choices for kid's baths. And never fear mixing colors. Opt for glossy ceramic or porcelain tile for the walls of the kid's shower. Use very small tiles such as a solid mosaic tile on the floor to keep little feet where they belong.

By keeping these tips in mind, and remembering to buy sample tiles (yes, it's really worth it) you'll find that buying bathroom tile online is easy and stress-free. You'll soon be ordering today's most fashionable colors and sought after textures like a pro.